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Sunsource has specialized in treating wastewater with high organic pollutant loading and various other contaminated waters. Our range of services and products includes consultancy services from “cradle to cradle” for wastewater treatment systems as well as supply of complete treatment systems that were developed by our team of local experts in collaboration with our international technical panel

Product Mobile Effluent Treatment Plants (METP)

The METP unit is the result of lengthy research and development by SUNSOURCE in collaboration with reputed environmental consultants, academics and our technical advisory panel. METP and can be operated by itself and are able to meet highest standards. Being primarily designed to cater for short and medium term issues and to allow short fabrication and deployment periods, the METP process provides unparalleled reliability while offering the client full environmental compliance as the system is able to meet all environmental standards applicable in Malaysia and the region.

Our METP’s are normally containerized systems and offer the smallest possible footprint for a complete wastewater treatment solution. With its mobility and no specific start up requirements other than connection to the supply of wastewater, electricity and start up water supply, the plants are able to commence treatment operations almost instantly upon deployment to a site. With its size, performance, ease of placing and commissioning and virtually no time lag between deployment and commencement of treatment operations, METP are ideally suited as treatment solution for various applications:

  •  For fully compliant treatment of wastewater or leachate in urgent cases such as failure of an existing system, overflows from collection ponds or unexpected or accidental pollution incidents.
  •  As medium or long term solution for treatment of limited amounts of wastewater or leachate that do not justify investment into a permanent treatment plant.
  •  As post treatment solutions for existing treatment plants that are no longer able to meet the rising requirements with regards to discharge standards.
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In the past experience, Sunsource already involved in several renewable energy works and operation and maintenance service such as:

  • Project consultant of 1MW plant of landfill gas to energy for renewable energy park.
  • Project management, system engineering and design consultancy for medium scale RE project in Selangor (2.5 MW + 1.5 MW + 1.5 MW).
  • To do operation and maintenance works of renewable energy power  plant for medium scale RE Project in Selangor (2.5 MW + 1.5 MW + 1.5 MW)

Our O&M Services

Sunsource provides the full range of O&M services including:

  • Plant maintenance and monitoring
  • Continuous quality control and quality assurance
  • Operational management
  • Commercial management

Our past till present experience in this operational & maintenance service are

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