About Us

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About Us

More Than A Decade Experience in Solar & Renewable Energy

Sunsource Energy Sdn Bhd (Sunsource) was established by a group of environmental specialist with the strong belief of proper introduction and effective applications of advanced environmental technologies towards the betterment of the environment

Our Mission

Since 2012, SUNSOURCE position ourselves as full ledged solar PV company by providing:

• On grid solar PV system
• Off grid/Hybrid solar PV system
• Solar EV charger system provider
• Operations & Maintenance services
• Solar PV business facilitation services

Our Vision

To become the premier environmental solutions and technology provider with the aim of protecting and preserving the environment for our future generations.

Why Choose Us

Your Steps Towards Sustainability Starts Now With Us

Immediate Savings

Enjoy your electricity bill reduction starting from the first month of your system commissioned

Free Consultation

Get a suitable system size and configuration that maximizes your energy savings, ensuring every dollar invested in solar pays off.